Henry K. Holsman designed and built mid-rise cooperatives in the 1920s. When his son and the staff at Parker-Holsman Co. sold them, they weren’t selling bricks and mortar. They were selling the idea of home ownership. Today, we continue that tradition. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients. When you’re ready to sell, we want to help you realize the value of your investment by identifying the right price for your property and the most effective marketing plan.

We take the time to be sure buyers understand the intangibles of property: the value of a location, a rent roll, a strong condominium association, a way of life. When we help you buy or sell property at Parker-Holsman Co. today, we aren’t selling a commodity. We’re selling value.

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About Us

Since 1931, our company has been managing rentals in the Hyde Park and South Shore neighborhoods of Chicago. Over time, the number of properties we manage has increased considerably. Today, we manage a range of investments, including condominiums, rental buildings, retail properties, office space and cooperatives. Our long experience and successful management history is something we are proud of, and we believe it makes us uniquely equipped to help you with your real estate investments.

Our property management team specializes in properties that were constructed prior to 1930, so we can help you renovate and maintain your older properties. The classic look and construction of these older buildings can be highly desirable to renters with proper renovations.
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